Hey there, 2019

I harbor no delusions about having enough time in 2019 to turn out one sketch per day, as I did in the first quarter of 2018. Instead I shall be satisfied to create and post one sketch per week, or a more polished work every two weeks. If I can manage more, wonderful; if not, more or less 50 sketches’ worth of practice for the year is better than none.

First impediment of 2019: I fired up Photoshop CC for the first time in ages and realized that, regarding digital painting, I’ve pretty much forgotten everything I learned.

Oh well. Back, as it were, to the drawing board.

So long, 2018

It’s New Year’s Eve, which means it’s time for those resolutions I’ll stick to for 1.5 months. Like updating this site.

In all fairness I had a reason to let Graven Gate slide to the back burner. I got a new job, moved across the country, got a second job, got a job for my sibling while I was at it, got promoted at my first job, found a house and moved there from my temp apartment, moved my sibling out of his old apartment three states away, and moved my dad across the country to stay with me for the winter.

So it’s been a little busy. Here’s hoping I’ll have time for some artwork in 2019.